Alan S. – Baldwinsville, NY

Please let me, as a client of Mr. Kassel’s for a project in the fall of 2005, assure you that you will be pleased with both his workmanship and his customer oriented approach to completing the project.

Mr. Kassel, partnering with another excellent independent contractor, Paul Esposito, completed the erection of an extension to my existing garage. Tying in to existing structures is always a challenge; in this case it was made more complicated by the need to match the existing roof line while installing attic trusses to match existing rafters. The result is an addition that looks like it was part of the original construction.

In recommending Mr. Kassel, I do so not only as a home owner but as the original builder of the home and as a professional construction manager with 25 years of experience in power plant construction. What I saw in his approach to the work was the professionalism we expect from larger contractors working on complex projects, specifically:

  • He began the project on time.
  • He worked continuously on this project until it was complete.
  • He always kept me informed of his progress and plans.
  • When changes were required, he reviewed them with me well in advance and did not start until I had his estimate in hand.
  • When time was lost due to weather or changes, he worked extra hours to meet his scheduled completion.
  • His original bid and his prices for extra work were reasonable.
  • The work was high quality and he always exhibited a concern for meeting building codes.

Helen M. – Tully, NY

This letter is in recommendation of Jeremy Kassel of Kassel Construction who did the construction work to finish my basement area in my home. The work was done from December 2006 to January 2007 and included a full bathroom with tiled floor, two rooms, one with a full length closet, isolation of a mechanical room, and an entryway. From start to finish Mr. Kassel was prompt, courteous, and professional and the workmanship of a very high standard with careful attention to detail. The project was completed in a timely fashion and the few small things that needed to wait until warmer weather came were done as soon as possible. I can say without reservation that based on the above I would recommend Kassel Construction for this type of work.


Michael & Kelly O. – Syracuse, NY

This is a quick letter in support of Jeremy Kassel; whether you are looking for someone to remodel your home or merely do a small repair job, you cannot do better. In every facet of construction, he is a consummate professional and an amazing craftsman.

We enlisted him to do an addition to our home in later summer, 2010. We had some ideas that proved to be impossible. He took our ideas and our goals and developed a plan that was not only feasible, but more accurately reflected everything we wanted from our addition.

More than just coming up with ideas that met our goals, he executed the construction with an exceptional degree of quality. Every facet of the construction was handled with care to make sure it met his level of quality control; a level much higher than either of us could have been able to recognize. From framing the new addition to the final finish work of building a fireplace mantel with a stone surround, we were continuously impressed with the craftsmanship he showed.

When undertaking a relationship with a contractor, the people skills of the contractor are nearly as important as the technical skills. Here again we were consistently surprised by Jeremy Kassel’s acumen. The job we hired him for involved building a garage, raising the roof, turning a screened-in porch into a family room, building a deck, and adding an addition. It could have been a nightmare. He anticipated the disruption to the daily lives of our family, prepared us for it, and minimized every aspect of it. His professionalism made something that many people dread, a large home remodeling, into a smooth experience for our entire family, young children included.

In short, his workmanship and professionalism make him a perfect choice for any home improvement. It is almost three years since he completed the addition, and all the work he did has withstood the test of time. Without hesitation we would recommend Jeremy Kassel to anyone looking for a contractor.